Kingsman: The Golden Circle review- a thrilling digital spy sequel

Hey all,

How is everyone? Today I thought I’d review a film that I recently saw. Cinema is a true passion for me but recently after graduating and focusing on finding a job, I have neglected this passion. This also hasn’t been helped by the fact that I’ve struggled to find films that I fancy watching at the cinema recently. When I used to live in Paris, I used to watch a film every Friday and there would be so much to choose from as films come out every Wednesday there. Anyway enough rambling, I will be reviewing Kingsman, here goes:

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Bravissimo lingerie store (Covent garden, London) experience


Hey readers,

Hope all is going well for you.

So last week I decided that I needed to get a new sports bra for my gym and home workouts and I stumbled upon bravissimo. For those who don’t know about this shop, it is one that provides lingerie, swimwear & nightwear brands exclusively for D Cup and above.

It was my first ever time in Bravissimo because I find it so hard to find bras for my size (small waist but big breasts) so I don’t expect you to know this shop but I thought I would review my experience to give you an idea if it’s the lingerie shop for you.


Service: 6/10

Walking in me was met by the bright smiley faces of staff. However, I was not once asked if I needed any help, which I found rather strange. Due to this lack of help, I was rather confused when there were only like 5 different sizes for the sports bras and not one was my size but I then went to ask a member of staff if they had bras in my size and she told me I had to bring the bra I wanted down to the changing room and staff would check if they have it in stock.

After this I felt much more relieved as I had confidence that I would find a bra in my size. The lady at the changing room got me my bra in my size and handed it back to me. Interestingly she did not offer to measure me but I didn’t mind and I was able to get in the changing rooms immediately, which are absolutely beautiful. They fitted with a large mirror, silk dressing gown, and numerous hooks! What I particularly loved was that in the dressing rooms was that there were tips and advice on how to tell you had the right bra on you.

Sizes available and quality of bras: 8/10

Many sizes are available as the staff have easy access of the stock room, which is right next to the changing rooms, so you are able to get a wide range of bras in your size. As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog the sizes start from a D cup and they do provide back measurements of 20 etc., which are rather rare in other retail lingerie stores.

I tried on a couple of sports bras and they fitted me nicely but I didn’t think they were that amazing, especially when I considered the high price tag!

Price: 4/10

Rather expensive! All the sports bras that I tried on were at least 40 pounds, which is rather a lot of money. I wasn’t sure if the bras were really worth this so I left the store and found a much more affordable sports bra in M and S, which was about the same quality and half the price!

Overall experience: 6/10

It was interesting to visit this shop for girls like me who sometimes have a hard time finding a bra in a size. However, I was not blown away by the products or service so I’m not sure I would recommend it to anyone else.

Much love,

Charlotte xoxo


1st year anniversary.


Hi readers,

So today marks the first year anniversary with me and my boyfriend. I honestly cannot believe that one year has gone by! Today I would like to share with you our celebrations that happened over the weekend.

So we took the tube to Euston station and dropped off our suitcases at the Hilton hotel so that we could make our way to the lyceum theatre to watch the lion king theatre. We had really good seats and as we went for the matinee performance there were loads of kids. This was super convenient as they are small thus we had no worries of their heads blocking our view haha.

The musical itself was impressive. Visually it is amazing with beautiful costumes for the performers and the way that the performers used their bodies to control the animal creations was amazing. There was even a reference to frozen, which made it quite funny.

lion king.jpg

After the musical we went back to the hotel to relax before dinner and exchange gifts. I had made my boyfriend a personalised card on moon pig and I was so glad with the result!


I also got us personalised key rings with the date of our anniversary.

keyr rings

My boyfriend got me this Swarovski necklace that is absolutely beautiful.


We then walked a mile to the restaurant called pizza union. This walk was extremely necessary since once we arrived we ordered 4 pizzas to share between us. It was indeed a heavy meal and I felt so full hahah. We then walked another mile to a gelato place called ‘scoop’ and we had some delicious ice cream.

I had a fantastic time and cannot wait for the future years ahead of me.

Until next time….

Lots of love,

Charlotte xoxo