Kingsman: The Golden Circle review- a thrilling digital spy sequel

Hey all,

How is everyone? Today I thought I’d review a film that I recently saw. Cinema is a true passion for me but recently after graduating and focusing on finding a job, I have neglected this passion. This also hasn’t been helped by the fact that I’ve struggled to find films that I fancy watching at the cinema recently. When I used to live in Paris, I used to watch a film every Friday and there would be so much to choose from as films come out every Wednesday there. Anyway enough rambling, I will be reviewing Kingsman, here goes:

The film starts abruptly- I hadn’t watched the first film but regardless I felt like I had missed something as we’re straight into the action as Eggsy is attacked and has to fend off gangs of attackers in a night-time action sequence through the streets of London. This initially confused me but then the action slows down and we are acquainted to the secret service and how young and ‘normal’ our ‘James Bond’ is.

The story-line will make you dream for sure as we are introduced to a mesmerising ‘American haven’ in the middle of the jungle where a crazy lady called Poppy is producing drugs. Poppy’s haven includes robots, bionic dogs and a meat grinder where those who misbehave will be made into burgers.

But it was the whole plot around drug users dying from a ‘blue-rash’ unless the American president paid Poppy millions of dollars for an antidote that really caught my attention. In the film the president didn’t care about those who were going to die as he believed that they were in the ‘wrong’. Yes drug usage is illegal in most countries but do those who use them deserve to die? Should we try to save them if they overdose? And will we ever win the war on drugs? Also, as the film showed that all different types of classes took drugs from the homeless to duchesses, should we stop stereotyping who are ‘druggies’? These are some of the questions that arose in my head.

Overall, I really enjoyed the film due to the digital images and fascinating story line. How did you find it?


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