Happy New Year And Where I’ve Been


Hello my loves,

I know it has been so long and I just want to start off by wishing  you a happy new year.

I feel bad that I left it so long to write another post as I simply love writing. But life happened, so I took a break. Last year was a really insightful year as I bought my first home and car, changed jobs and realised what truly mattered to me. It was great, but by no means was it easy.

I entered 2019 super ill (and still am), but I am excited for all that lies ahead. I know things will be tough with all this uncertainty in the world, however, I have hope that things will look up in other respects. Please bear with me as I slowly get back to writing posts like I used to.

That’s all for now but I hope to be back shortly.

Lots of love,


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