Hey all,

I just wanted to say a very special thank you to all my followers! I have now reached 400 WordPress Followers and I feel absolutely delighted.

It seems only yesterday that I was thanking you for 200 followers and now here we are again with another 200. I would just like to say a massive, bear hug of a thank you to everyone for your likes, comments, follows and support. Last year my blog did take a back seat in my life as I was completing my last year of university, but I have been working hard these last few months to come back to you guys. I couldn’t be happier to have so many people along with me on this journey.

I have so many fun ideas and projects I can hardly wait to continue this blogging journey. Thank you for being so awesome ! Please don’t hesitate to comment what you would like me to write about next or whether you would like to collaborate.

Lots of love,




22 thoughts on “400 followers!

  1. is is very pleasing and nice to read from you that you can best thank a nice people and I hope you also the number of your succession can be more than 4000, always with patience to the finish, much successes I wish you, me oftres will continue your article so that more reading can reach you, beautiful sunday still, best wishes, all the good for tomorrow and biennial weeks

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