Valentine’s day make-up inspiration

After what feels like the longest and most miserable month of the year, January is finally over! So what better way to celebrate than with Valentine’s Day? But hang on, you still need to plan a breath taking make-up look to seduce your valentine…

If you haven’t planned anything, fear not because I’ve put together a Valentine’s date night look. So whether you’ve booked the best restaurant in town or are going out with the girls, you will be looking your best.

Here is my Valentine’s day look:



Eyes using Urban Decay’s full spectrum palette:

  1. Alchemy through the crease.
  2. Delirious on the main half of the lid
  3. Jones on the inner corner.



Mac’s velvet teddy

Well that was my Valentine’s day look. I hope you enjoyed. Make sure to leave a comment with your thoughts and to share your looks.


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Lots of love,

Charlotte xoxo



What jobs can you do with a languages degree?


Hello lovelies,

Hope all is going well. It is getting very cold here in London and I do not like it one bit, however, life must go on. Today I will be discussing potential jobs that you can do using a language degree since I remember the negativity when I was studying my degree- people used to tell me that all I could do was become a teacher. Although, that is one avenue that you can go down, in this blog post I hope to break the stereotypes and show you the variety of career roots that you can go down by interviewing three languages graduates (including myself). I hope you enjoy the post 🙂

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Finding the right career for you

Hi all,

I hope you’re having a great week. For myself, it has been so hectic with work and I am really trying to find that work-life balance by focusing on relaxation.

This next post was inspired by the following bloggers: Kxtieblog  and Trying to survive university.Their blog posts about career difficulties and uncertainty really inspired me as I felt that I could really relate having just graduating myself and made the difficult ‘choice’. Honestly, only two years back, during my year abroad in Paris, when I had a teaching position and internship lined up, I remember feeling sick to the stomach not knowing what I really wanted to do. Thus, in this blog post I will share with you my top tips for choosing a career path as I believe that no one should suffer due to uncertainty.

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Review: Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid Foundation.

Hey all,

How are you all doing?  I can’t believe it’s nearly November but here we are. Today I will be reviewing my recent foundation purchase as I thought it would be helpful for those of you who are thinking of buying it. I hope you enjoy it!

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First work wardrobe essentials

If you’re getting ready to start a summer internship, or are preparing for your first corporate job, you’re probably stressing out not only about the world of work but also the “workwear.” After years of wearing comfy jeans and t-shirts, during my undergrad days, I quickly realised that this would not do in the office and quickly scrambled to buy an entire wardrobe of work-wear clothes. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who struggled with finding an ‘acceptable’ work wear wardrobe when they started working so I thought I’d share a few tips to help others out. Here goes:

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How to get a first class degree

Hey all !

I hope you’re well and not feeling too overwhelmed by the return to school/ work. Finally I have finished my degree and have graduated with a first class honours degree 🙂

I thought I’d share some tips on how to achieve a first class honours degree since last year, as much as 22% of UK students were awarded a first class degree, compared with only 15% in 2011 and 11.6% in 2004.I know it’s something that a lot of people desire but I must reiterate that it is not easy but hopefully by following these tips, you will be closer to achieveing that first. Here we go:

Pick topics you’re passionate about

In theory, the whole point of doing a degree should be to expand your knowledge in the field so you should pick a wide array of topics. However, if you study topics that you’re totally uninspired by, this will be reflected in your work as you will not be motivated to study and your essays will be mediocre. The same goes to choosing your degree- choose something that you truly love as you will have to study it for 3 years. I dropped my minor in my degree during my second year as it was depressing me and it was the best decision I ever made so don’t be afraid to talk to your personal advisor if you’re not totally satisied with your course.

Learn the importance of lectures

I know you may have bunked lessons in the past as you were able to study independently with the help of text books or online materials back in school, however university is a totally other ball game. Indeed, very few courses have their own textbooks since the lecturers will have designed the course and have gotten influence from all sorts of journals or books. Therefore, you need to attend lectures to get the basics down and then you need to research as lectures are only the base to your knowlegde, which definately needs to be expanded on to get a first.

Likewise, you need to know when a lecture will not benefit you so that you can make the most out of your degree. By this I do not mean bunk for the sake of not waking up for a 9am lecture, but rather choose your time wisely, in particular towards deadlines. For instance, if you have an all course work course and the lecturer has covered the books/films etc. that you will write your essay about, then do not go to lectures about the other books that you won’t write about. Be selective and wise.

Take breaks

I cannot stress the importance of breaks. If you don’t make space in your study diary for a little down time, you’ll either burn out or get totally fed up and start procrastinating even more. Even if you feel like you have tons to do or no one else is taking breaks, trust me you need to and others are probably doing the same. What I used to do would be to do a task for 30 mins and then watch a series for 30 mins. Choose a schedule that works best for you and learn and adapt as you go. Your body will thank you for it.


Research, research, research!

As mentionned before, lectures are only the introductionary tip of the ice berg of your knowledge. You will need to research to become well informed.  Start with the suggested reading and then use other sources that you find independently this. This will impress your lecturers as long as your sources are relevant and you will be well on your way to getting a first.

Well those were my top tips for getting  a first class degree and I hope you found them useful whether you are a first, second, third/final year student! Remember grades do not dictate who you are and you should always stay true to yourself. Any degree is worth being proud of. Should you have any questions, do not hesistate to contact me by commenting below.

Lots of love,

Charlotte xoxo






How I (FINALLY) passed my driving test

Hi all,

Hope everyone is well!

If you read my last blog post, you will have noticed that I had mentioned the hard work that I have been putting in to pass my driving test. It has been a long road (both literally and figuratively) and I cannot tell you how elated I am to have passed. I think I am actually more proud of it than my university degree since I never thought I would pass.

Indeed, I did not pass first time and this is something very common in the UK as the UK driving test is rated as one of the hardest in the world L So if you don’t pass first time please do not worry as it is very uncommon – yes only 45% of the population pass first time and certain test centres have even lower first-time pass rates.  This is because to pass the driving test you need experience of course but also a lot of LUCK!  And unfortunately not all of us are lucky, like myself, but NEVER give up. I know it may feel like the end of the world but you WILL pass. Keep going to the test centre and ignore the driving examiners- they are mean people who have to stay within the targets of the average passes of their test centres and who will probably make more money by you coming again and again.

Now I will speak about my own experience and hopefully a lot of you will be able to relate or at least be reassured. So my story starts from when I was very young. Yes not actual driving but driving in lego land when I was smaller. It is from that very moment that I hated driving and decided to avoid driving at any costs. I hated the rules of the road as I found them confusing and my seat belt  got stuck at the end of my driving slot.

Unfortunately, I was not able to avoid driving due to pressure from a certain family member and the year before I joined university I finally applied for my provisional licence. However, I did not start driving classes until the end of my first year and had a horrible driving instructor that completely put me off driving. Honestly, he was the worst driving instructor I have ever met – he would make me park up so he could meet his friends, be on the phone during lessons and tell me that ‘some people are natural drivers and others are not’. I stopped after 3 lessons and instead decided to focus on doing my theory test without driving the following year.

After this I went to Paris for a year abroad so my driving lessons were put on hold until I came back. Once I did I found an excellent driving instructor from the AA who taught me everything. His lessons were great and I really grew in confidence, however I was rushed by a family member to take my first driving test due to financial costs, which really blew my confidence. Indeed, when I went to my first test I do not believe I was ready but thought I was give it a shot to not let my family member down but it was honestly the worst test ever. I had a horrible examiner who kept tutting when I was driving when I was clearly very nervous, which is totally normal by the way. It was just horrible and I was not in my normal state of mind since my dog had just passed away two days before the test.

I decided to take it on the chin and redo another test a bit later after a few more lessons but I knew it would be difficult as I would be travelling between my university in Surrey and my home in London during weekends. I have to stay it was hard to balance my university work load and driving lessons but I did it. I thought about changing to an easier driving centre, which my brother had chosen to take his test at but once I tried some lessons there I realised it would be more difficult for me as I did not know the area. Hence, a test there would require double concentration on driving and focusing on the roads.

I then did a couple more tests in my initial chosen test centre until I decided that maybe I should switch test centre as the one I had been trying to pass at had been reputed for a very low pass rate. At this point I had driven for months and I was not so worried about not knowing test routes. I simply wanted to pass. With money running low from paying for driving lessons and tests, I decided to buy my own car. It was a big decision but I cannot recommend it enough! I could drive for as many hours as I wanted and this really made me an experienced driver.


Although, I was ready to take the test with my own car by this time, I decided to delay my driving test for a few months due to final year exams, which I did not want to fail. I then did another test in June and I felt physically sick and was convinced that at the end I would be told I hadn’t passed the test due to a few minor mistakes. However, to my surprise and delight I did pass. I was in so much shock and also super happy that I cried. I did 3 minor mistakes but I still managed to pass. This just shows you that you will eventually pass and given that you get the right person who will give you a chance, anything is possible.

To conclude, the driving test is not easy unless you are either naturally gifted OR super lucky. I think the latter is the most important as I do have friends who have passed their tests first time yet are too afraid to drive. Just remember you are not defined by the times that you do your test and actually this shows perseverance. According to a recent survey those who fail their tests are more intelligent than those who pass first time hehe.

Please do share your driving test experiences below and I am happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Lots of love,

Charlotte xoxo

Q&A: Answers!

Hey everyone!


Hope you are doing well. Let me just start off with apologising for my absence. Unfortunately I was really ill last month and have also been focusing on my final year exams so as you can imagine it has been hectic.

I am finally going to post the Q&A that some of you participated in. I hope you enjoy it! Here goes:


If you could wish for 1 thing, what would it be, and why?


To pass my final year of uni with flying colours as I have worked so hard for this and it will determine my future.



What’s one piece of advice you’d give your 10 year old self?

Just relax and have fun. Life will get more serious later ha-ha . Also, 18 is not an old age as I remember thinking it was!




If you had to pick a different niche for your blog, what would it be?

Maybe a cooking blog where I would post my recipes as I love food so maybe I could share that passion with others.




What was your favourite film of last year?

I love films so it’s hard to say! I think I would say Down by love as it has inspired me to write about it in my dissertation. This is a film about a love story between a prison warden and an inmate. It also reminds me of being in France as that’s where I watched it.


What are your perfect bath salts products?


I don’t use bath salts myself but I do like bath bombs. Usually I love to get these at lush as they have a super strong scent; however I don’t think they are natural. Alternatively I love to get bubble bath liquids from body shop. My favourite one is the honey bubble bath gel!


Lots of love,

Charlotte xoxo


Kiss me lip balm review

Hey all,

A few months ago I was still living in Paris and I was going to a store called SEPHORA. Americans will probably know this store but for those from the UK it’s like our equivalent of boots but only for make-up.

During the sale season, I discovered small little eggs called kiss me. They are tinted lip balms that moisturise your lips whilst still giving you a lipstick look and are available in 6 different colours. I have the cotton candy balm and I adore it.

After having used it for several months, I will share with you a quick review:



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Step by Step Golden Bronze Prom Eyeshadow Tutorial

Dear readers,

Today I will be sharing with you a prom night look that was inspired by my experiments with my urban decay eye palette.

For me, gold is the colour of luxury so when I created a golden make up look using the colour ‘half baked’ I couldn’t resist thinking that this would be perfect for a prom night or a special occasion.

Hope you enjoy the look and don’t hesitate to share your own make up tutorials.

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