Kiss me lip balm review

Hey all,

A few months ago I was still living in Paris and I was going to a store called SEPHORA. Americans will probably know this store but for those from the UK it’s like our equivalent of boots but only for make-up.

During the sale season, I discovered small little eggs called kiss me. They are tinted lip balms that moisturise your lips whilst still giving you a lipstick look and are available in 6 different colours. I have the cotton candy balm and I adore it.

After having used it for several months, I will share with you a quick review:



The look:


Positives :

  • Cute packaging
  • Divine smell- I love it and it tastes really goof as well ahah
  • Good hydration whilst still giving you a lipstick effect but in a much thinner layer
  • Creamy texture that isn’t sticky.

Negatives :

  • Not easy to apply especially without a mirror so you can end up getting the product everywhere
  • Rather expensive for a little lip balm – it costs 7 euros= 6 pounds

In conclusion, I have found my new best friend for my lips.


Have you tried it?

Lots of love,

Charlotte xoxo

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