Valentine’s day date ideas


Hello lovelies,

I hope all is well. Unfortunately, I have been pretty ill this past week hence why I missed my blog schedule last week! But I’m back and just in time for valentine’s day to help you plan your valentine’s day date. I hope you enjoy the post!

My top Valentine’s day date ideas

  1. Cinema date

A cinema date is a classic for valentines day. Spend some time with your loved one in a romantic setting. If you’re in the UK, I highly recommend going to an Everyman cinema or Odeon, the lounge cinema( this one has an 18 year old age restriction and can be up to £80 for cinema and a meal) as these are pure luxury so you will truly be spoling your date and have a great time!

2. Home cooked dinner/breakfast

If the cinema isn’t for you or perhaps too pricey, this option is definately more affordable, if not more romantic! Choose a meal that your valentine adores and they will be thankful for it! Very charming 🙂

3. Ice skating

Another good option could be going ice skating as it will garantee intimacy- indeed you will need to hold hands if you’re not a skating pro. Also, it is a unique experience so your partner will never forget it.

4. Picnic in the park

This is really weather dependent but it will be super romantic for your partner. They will see how much you love them through all the effort you put in AND you could sit and see the sunset together.

5. Spa day

A spa day is a great idea if you want to impress your valentine. Give them a day to remember in utter bliss. I know that loads of companies do special deals for valentines day and student discounts so make sure to shop around.

What are you planning to do for Valentine’s day? Do you celebrate it? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

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Lots of love,

Charlotte xoxo

17 thoughts on “Valentine’s day date ideas

  1. J.Mortlock says:

    Great ideas here. Me and husband are going to have a meal in on Valentine’s Day. We are going for a meal out on a different day. I hate how hectic the resturaunt get on the 14th!

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