Body shop shimmer waves bronzer review

Hey readers,

As I am sitting in the sweltering heat in Paris I have decided to do a review of a summer product that I love- the shimmer waves bronzer by Body shop. Enjoy 🙂

The look achieved with the bronzer:

Colour & Pigmentation:

There are 5 warm and shiny shades in this palette and they’re all very wearable and neutral. I use the lightest shade of coral as I am quite pale but the product is available for darker skin tones as well. It is perfect to give you a tanned look.


The product is very easy to apply as you only need a few brushes of it to light up your face. However, do be careful as your face may get too shimmery if applied heavily

It also has multi usages. I use it as a bronzer (the intended use), eye shadow, and highlighter and sometimes even for contouring.

The packaging: This product comes in a square transparent plastic box, which box is pretty sturdy. It’s very easy to carry around.

How does it wear:

This products lights up your face making it all shiny but in a good way as it gives you colour. The shimmer is great if you are pretty pale. .The pigmentation is great and particularly useful for the summer when your winter foundation no longer suits your tanned skin tone.

Nevertheless, moderation is the key with this product and you can go wrong if you’re too heavy handed or layer it up. Also, as this product is a powder it is not great when you have dry skin so ensure to moisturise before wearing it.

Would I repurchase?

Yes I love the look it gives me; however I will be looking for something that works a bit better with, those like me, who have dry and sensitive skin.

Lots of love,

Charlotte xoxo


My summer essentials


Shimmer waves  Bronzer

I got this when it was on sale and it is fantastic, especially in the summer as it makes you looked tanned and sparkly. I not only use it on my cheeks to highlight and entire face for a nice shimmery bronzing effect.  As it’s powdery it is not heavy on your skin, which is perfect for the summer when you sweat as it doesn’t come off easily.


A fridge

I know some of you will laugh at this but I honestly think that a fridge is essential for the summer as if you put your make up in it, it will feel so much better to put on your face. Plus it preserves your make up longer especially in the summer heat.

SPF moisturiser

You don’t need me to tell you how important protecting your skin against the sun and environmental damage is – and it’s something we should all be incorporating into our skincare regardless of where we are.  So why not use a moisturer which will not only hydrate your skin in the summer heat but also protect your skin.  Nivea – Daily Essentials Rich Day hydrating cream SPF 15 is my current go-to product because it deeply hydrates my skin and protects it at the same time.


Body butters

During the summer months my skin gets quite dry and one way to avoid this is to use body butter. My favourite one is the peach body butter from the body shop that smells so delicious and hydrates skin well. For extreme hydration I recommend the coconut body butter.



I purchased these cute shades from a New look. They were only £10 and they’re so cute! Summer is sunny and bright; I can’t go anywhere without sunglasses here- so I’d say they’re essentials for me. Make sure to check the ray protection before buying.


A good body spray

I love perfume but I feel that in the summer that this can be a bit too heavy on my skin. Instead I love to use a good body spray that makes me smell delicious and freshens me up in the summer heat. My current favourite is Passion fruit flower body spray by the French brand- Adopt By Réserve Naturelle. It was given to me as a gift by my friend in Paris so I am not sure if you can get it worldwide.

fleur de la passion

Lots of love,

Charlotte xoxo