First impression of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish


Hey readers,

Today I will be reviewing Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polishes. As a girl who loves to paint her nails but often suffers from chipped nails I thought this would be a life saver as the product promises a 2 week life without any chipping.

The method involves you choosing your Sally Hansen Miracle Gel color coat thst you paint on then you use the Miracle Gel top coat over top.

My overall experience was not very good unfortunately.  I was told that I could have 2 weeks of chip free nails,  however I only got 4 days of that. Also,  the colour nail Polish takes ages to dry especially when applying layers so you can ruin your nails easily if you need to use your hands after painting your nails. Also, I found that the over coat kinda causes my nails to crack so I wasn’t too happy.

Overall Rating: 2/5

Have you got any other nail Polish reviews ? I would love to read them