200 followers + Q&A!

Hey all,

Today I would like say a big thank you so much to all of my followers for allowing me to reach this important milestone in my blogging career. I have been putting this post off for some time due to work constraints but I am so glad to be sharing this news with you today.

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This is so exciting for me! It is such a huge goal for me to reach in just 3 months.


I just want to say a big thank you so much to all of my followers for making this journey a positive and enlightening experience for me, but also for believing in me and my writing.

As I mentioned in my interview with fellow blogger Abigail Rose (Link here), the main reason that I started this blog is because I love writing, as it relaxes me. Also, having a blog is a way for to practice my writing, which can always be improved. This has now become to be a way to share and find new ideas with other people. I love reading your blog posts and sharing ideas with you.

I will continue to write on this blog for as long as I want to, which will be a very long time if things keep going this well for me.

Thank you.