Pony tail look

Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to spend a lot of time on my hair.  But at the same time, I don’t want to do the same look all the time with my hair down.


So today I tried a pony tail because frankly I only ever wear my hair down. I decided to keep my side fridge out so it was kinda harder to do. But I just put a clip of my fridge part to separate it from the rest of my hair and then tied it up.


I think it looks ok and is really nice when you are trying to work as there is no hair in your face . ( see picture below).

pony tail number 1

I think it can help reduce wrinkles because as you tie your hair up really tightly, you pull your face skin back. However, I would not recommend you to wear your hair like this in freezing conditions ( as I did).

Another way of doing it is to try your whole hair back into a pony tail- this is great for all those who don’t have a side fringe and just want to get their hair out of the way. I particularly like to do this when I do cardio or a zumba class as it holds up my hair pretty well as you can see below.

pony tail number 2


Funnily enough this hairstyle helped me realise how your hair keeps your neck and ears warm!

Do you like wearing ponytails? Xoxo


Tangle Angel Detangling Hair Brush review


Hi all,

I hope you are having a wonderful day. Today I will be talking about a life saver product: the Tangle Angel Detangling Hair Brush.

I have super knotty hair and de-tangling brushes have honestly revolutionised my life as it has made brushing my hair pleasurable rather than painful. So the other day when I was in TK maxx I bought the Tangle Angel Detangling Hair Brush and I thought I would do a review of it. Enjoy!

Overall Rating: 4/5

Tangle Angel Classic Black Hair Brush

I’ve only had it for a few days but I have been loving using it as it is very easy  to hold with a grippable head and  I can even use it with wet hair and when blow-drying my hair. But the good things don’t stop there as it is easy to get hair out of the brush, which I have found to be a struggle with other brushes in general.

Also, the design is aesthetically pleasing so I love using it. Furthermore, the small size means that I can pop it easily into any handbag, which is great for when I’m late for a party or rushing to the gym.

My only gripe is that brush bristles are slightly weak so I don’t know how long this brush will last but apart from that I love this product.

tanglw brush

The curly hair experience after using babyliss ceramic hair curlers

We’ve all been there- we’ve thought that it would be super ultra-cool idea to curl our hair. We’ve put some curling cream in our hair to ensure the maximum curl and used an electric curler.

Yet how many times have we been disappointed by the results?  I mean sure we get our hair curled but at what cost?  Burnt/ damaged hair and curls that last only a few hours?

I suffered with the same damn thing until I tried the babyliss ceramic hair rollers. I believe that these are the best for curling hair. You also should use hair spray to avoid losing your curls.

So here are my tips for you to get the best curls that you can:


1.Put heat protector on your hair to avoid damage.

2.Heat up your rollers for the maximum amount of time. Obviously you don’t want to burn your hair but you need the rollers to be hot enough to create lasting curls

  1. Put your curlers in for as long as you can.  For the first time you can put them in for about 30 minutes and then put the hair spray on the curls.
  2. Then put in your curlers in once again and this time for the maximum amount of time that you can. After spray the hair spray and you’re done.

Here are some pictures after using:


Did this work for you?  Do you have a particular way of curling your hair?  Xoxo

Temporary hair dying the easy way- and Body shop review


Are you looking for a temporary hair dye that washes off easily?  Look no further than to hair chalks!

I know that this may initially sound slightly weird since hair and chalks are words that are not usually seen together, but you must trust me on this one.

However, I must note a few tips before you begin colouring your hair:


  1. DO NOT use any old chalk.  You must purchase HAIR chalk. You can purchase these on amazon and if you add not sure of the one colour that you prefer I would recommend that you buy a multi coloured pack.
  2. It’s gunna get messy, thus either use gloves to keep your hands clean and definitely don’t wear your favourite top as it will get ruined (you can put a towel around your shoulders).  Don’t worry too much though as the hair chalks wash out pretty easily


Review of body shop hair chalks

Product rating: 3/5

I love hair chalks and when I saw the body shop were selling some I got super excited. I picked a pink hair chalk and was eager to see how it worked. Currently body shop only provides two colours which are pink and blue and cost £5 each. As I am blonde I choose the pink colour as it shows up better on light hair. If you have darker hair I would recommend that you use the blue one.

My first impressions of the product were positive as I found it pretty easy to use as you only need to glide the product onto hair streaks. The colour also stayed for about 2 days and it was easily washed out with shampoo so if you’re not happy with what you see then there are no permanent mistakes.

However, the negative side to this product is that you only get to choose one colour for your hair and I definitely think that having a good choice of colours is essential when experimenting to be able to see which colour suits you the best. Also, the chalk was finished after about two uses which sucks when you pay 5 pounds for the product!

Here’s a picture of me using the hair chalks:

flower power

Have you tried hair chalks or any other alternative ways of colouring your hair? Let me know as I would love to hear from you!