The curly hair experience after using babyliss ceramic hair curlers

We’ve all been there- we’ve thought that it would be super ultra-cool idea to curl our hair. We’ve put some curling cream in our hair to ensure the maximum curl and used an electric curler.

Yet how many times have we been disappointed by the results?  I mean sure we get our hair curled but at what cost?  Burnt/ damaged hair and curls that last only a few hours?

I suffered with the same damn thing until I tried the babyliss ceramic hair rollers. I believe that these are the best for curling hair. You also should use hair spray to avoid losing your curls.

So here are my tips for you to get the best curls that you can:


1.Put heat protector on your hair to avoid damage.

2.Heat up your rollers for the maximum amount of time. Obviously you don’t want to burn your hair but you need the rollers to be hot enough to create lasting curls

  1. Put your curlers in for as long as you can.  For the first time you can put them in for about 30 minutes and then put the hair spray on the curls.
  2. Then put in your curlers in once again and this time for the maximum amount of time that you can. After spray the hair spray and you’re done.

Here are some pictures after using:


Did this work for you?  Do you have a particular way of curling your hair?  Xoxo