Date nights in lockdown

Lockdown has been hard for all of us. And although it’s comforting to have someone to share quarantine with, after 3 +months of staying inside you may be looking for some ideas on how to spice up your date nights. So here are a couple of ideas, I hope you enjoy them:

Restaurant at home

arranged table with chairs and plates near window

The traditional dinner date at a fancy restaurant may be out of bounds, but you can still bring the restaurant to you! Pick your favourite restaurant meal and recreate it in the comfort of your own home. There are tons of recipes out there and it doesn’t even need to be fancy- we were craving KFC so we attempted to recreate it at home using Gordon Ramsey’s recipe. Although it was no way as tasty as KFC, it was fun to experiment cooking with each other!

The easier option is to go for a takeaway but I would avoid it as I don’t trust other people to touch my food and don’t want to risk my health for the sake of a meal!

Then you can set up some mood lighting and dress up the table to pretend that you’re having a meal out.

Couples spa night

crop woman with sheet face mask

I adore going to the spa with my partner and I’ve got to be honest with you guys, this quarantine has been tough. But fear no more, you can recreate the spa in your very own home with the help of some beauty products and some spa music on Spotify!

A couple of our spa night must-haves are facemasks, facial rollers, foot scrubs. You can buy these relatively cheaply on amazon, Bodyshop/ your generic supermarkets. I find this to be a super nice way for us to relax together.

Games night

war chess

I’m not talking about video games here as it’s easy to get lost in these (my guilty pleasure is the sims!) and avoid spending time together. I’m talking about some good old fashioned board games like monopoly and backgammon. This is also a chance to give your eyes a break so it’s a win-win.

So those were my suggestions- do you have any more? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay safe!

Until next time,

Charlotte xo

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