A trip to Bath

Hello lovelies,
Hope all is well. I am so ill, which has meant I have not been able to blog as much, but I am back and I am going to share my recent travels with you today.  My boyfriend and I  recently had the pleasure spending a few days in Bath for the new year celebrations. I wanted to share my experience with you. I hope you enjoy reading about my visit:

The history
This small city 97 miles west of London is a World Heritage Site. It is known as a spa town because in 60 AD the Romans built baths and a temple in the valley of Avon River. Its natural hot spring was a hit back then. There were claims the thermal water had curing properties, and people of all ages came from all over to bathe in it. Today, Bath’s Georgian architecture and the remaining Roman Baths are the highlights of every visitor. Now a museum, this site of the original Roman-era Baths includes The Great Bath, statues and archaeological findings. These Roman Baths in Bath are the most preserved in the world, and it was amazing to see the remains of it after 2,000 years!
The journey
We travelled by car all the way from London. It took us about 3 hours and it was a very interesting car ride as I actually discovered my dream home- right next to a film studio and if you live in one of the houses there,  you get free movie screenings. The only downside is that it is far from the city and as I have always lived in the city it would be hard to survive. On our way, we did stop at the services and ate some Mexican food so that did help with the length of the journey.
The hotel
As we were going for the new year, we were looking for a hotel that did a new year celebration and we stumbled on the Apex hotel in the centre of Bath. This hotel only opened up a few months ago and was super modern. The location is great for visiting the centre of Bath but doesn’t have it’s own car park so if you come by car, be prepared to drive up to a local car park, which is a 15-minute walk away from the hotel.
We stayed in a superior room and loved it. The room was very spacious and I loved the complimentary jelly beans, which is not the usual hotel freebie. The bathroom offers both a bath and shower, which is great for those who can’t choose. Also, the hotel also gives you a complimentary Apex ‘Oliver’ duck to take home. I thought that was a really nice touch and tied in well with Bath being the famous Roman spa city.
In regards to the food, I had a mixed experience. We loved the new year’s dinner and service, however, the breakfast was a letdown. The continental breakfast choices were great and the freshly cooked offerings sounded great BUT they could not deliver what they promised. This meant waiting 20 mins plus for a hot chocolate or a simple omelette. I don’t think it’s entirely the hotel’s fault as I felt that they were clearly understaffed and couldn’t fulfil the promises that they had made.
Historic sites
Although we were only staying two nights, we made sure to wander the Roman Baths. It was really surreal seeing how beautiful the building had been preserved all these years later and how clever the Romans were to have built hot baths specifically above natural hot springs- the water was naturally 35 degrees hot and they managed to create a system that would allow the water to travel across the building.
Oh and we did put our hands in the water to check the temperature (although we weren’t meant to !) but I made sure to scrub really hard afterwards! I would definitely recommend to go see these natural springs even if you’re only there for a day as you’ll see what this ancient city is truly known for. There’s also a really interesting museum section, included in your ticket price, which will teach you all about the way that the Romans used to live. I was particularly facinated by their gods and how they used to send curse tablets to the gods to help seek revenge.
The food
Apart from our dinner at the hotel, we did venture out and find one amazing restuarant called the Firehouse Rotisserie- it provides an array of Californian and Tex-Mex dishes, which are prepared over a wood-fired grill.  I had a chicken avocado pizza and it was delcious. There is a great atmosphere and the rustic building is absolutely beautiful. I would definately reccomend it to those who are visiting Bath.
Overall experience
We had a great two days and would reccomend going. Have you ever been to Bath? Make sure to leave a comment below to tell me your thoughts and share the best places to visit.

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Lots of love,

Charlotte xoxo


12 thoughts on “A trip to Bath

  1. Hey Charlotte. What a fabulous post! I visited Bath last summer for the first time and it was just amazing! The baths were really fascinating although I did feel for the guy who’d clearly been dressed up as a Roman for much of the day and was expected to pose for countless photos! I love how you put your hand in the water….I like rebels! Am looking forward to following your blog xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Sarah, Thanks for stopping by. Haha yes that guy was very annoying and tried to sell us ‘gladiator sweat’ perfume xD It was a bit scary putting our hands in the water (for me anyway) as the warning signs made it seem like our hands would fall off. Looking forward to reading more of your posts xx

      Liked by 1 person

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