Guest blog post- the importance of responsibility by DARWISH THAJUDEEN

choicesIt is easier to run away from responsibilities and blame others. “This
wasn’t my fault, why should I care?” “How does that matter to me?”
“Why would I do something for someone I don’t know?” “It is his
problem, not mine”. We all do that often. Some more often, some less.
It depends on the values we hold in our hearts and the way we look at
those issues.

We are a generation of power, we have the rights, responsibilities,
and knowledge to shape our own world and create the future. We humans
never bothered until recently about extinctions, global warming,
climate change, the disparity between rich and poor, growing number of
incurable and deadly diseases, etc. We would not blame our parents or
their forefathers for not taking steps to slow these down or reduce
the impacts as they were unaware of their actions and were limited to
the information they had. They could not know what was happening at
the other end of the world. They may have taken smaller steps that
created less or no impacts and were never noted down in history. That
isn’t the case anymore, we are different, gifted and resourceful. We
have every opportunities and power to create a change and bring the
impact to the world we live in. We come across various issues every
day in our life. We hear but never care. We ignore or avoid such
situations, thinking that I have a life to take care of, and not
understanding that these small issues are growing at a high pace and
soon we all would have to face it when it is in our doorstep, but by
then it would be too late.
Being the future innovators, leaders, entrepreneurs and much more, a
successful career alone wouldn’t help us serve the community and our
responsibility. In fact, we should build ourselves, to become a better
human being with the personality that helps others and could invest in
the future of others. This is why we should be actively participating
in the community and social service activities, to develop skills,
teamwork, awareness, listening and problem-solving and most
importantly, responsibility. How does that benefit us?
•       Understanding the need to help others
•       Improving the community, we live in and the one we would be part of
•       Improving personality as well as career opportunities
•       Meet new people and create strong connections
•       Shape a world that wouldn’t limit the lives of future generation
As part of the young community, we are all committed to one fact,
building the future and we try hard to create better opportunities for
ourselves and our loved ones, but do we really care about anything
else other than ourselves and the circle we have created. What about
the guy you smile at every time you take the bus, or the man who works
at the supermarket. They might be living a different life, or may even
come from a different place, but it seems like they have a world
different from that of ours. If there is shortage of food, water,
electricity and all we know that it I mainly because they probably
overused the resources god gifted them. Let us ask ourselves one
question, did they choose to be born there? What if we were born in
their place? We all could simply blame others for everything, but have
we all for once thought that the ozone depletion, Greenhouse effect,
some endangered species are few of those big issues towards which we
all equally or at times contribute a lot more than others who has to
suffer from its evils.
Do you think it is just the ordinary men to be blamed? And do you
believe that the real culprit would someday experience atleast a bit
of it? There is nobody to be blamed than ourselves who decided to do
nothing but live the life as it is. We all are equally contributing
towards it. We all have the same role in worsening things. So what
shall we do?
We should actually understand the world around us first, and never
ignore any global issues. There is so much more that we could do than
just tie our hands, close our ears and shut our mouth and just enjoy
the show. We could all work together, being equally responsible and
understanding, towards the changing future with an intention to always
carry within ourselves the ‘flame of care’ so that we would always be
proud and happy to serve others. Together we shall create a better
environment. We could light our world with the idea to care and share.
We could face and solve every problem of the future together. Let’s
build the urge to take responsibility and understand that what happens
to your neighbor could someday happen to you and its not just his
responsibility to solve it but together as a community to face it
before it gets worse. Now let’s reach out our hands to the ones next
to us and around us, so that they shall someday remember us and would
create a change in someone else’s life. Spread the light to others
lives so that nobody is left behind in dark.

*Best Regards*


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