A reflection of life after graduation

life after grad

Hey lovelies,

Hope all is well. Having graduated a few months ago (check out my blog post about graduating here), I decided it would be a good time to share a reflection of my life after graduation. This is always a moment of uncertainty so I wanted to share my experience with you to give you some sort of idea what to expect and see if anyone else is having the same experiences. I hope you enjoy reading 🙂

After my last final year exam, I was absolutely relieved- years of studying and revising had finally ended and I would no longer get exam stress. Quite frankly it was liberating knowing I would no longer be judged on how much knowledge I could cram into my poor brain.

However, the reality is slightly different. Indeed, although it is nicer to know that I won’t have to study for exams, I do miss the free time. Unfortunately, the early mornings and smelly crowded trains are hard to get used to no matter how much of an early bird you used to be before graduating. Moreover, I no longer have the choice on whether to work or not because I simply have to as it’s my job. Also, I get pretty tired eyes due to computer usage.

Despite this, I am happy with my job as I have a super great team that I work with every day and my skills are expanding. You’d think I’m crazy but I actually have spent some of my time studying for marketing certifications as I want to be as up to date in my job as possible. I guess my attitude has shifted as now I am doing this for myself and can choose what I want to study rather than being forced to study a certain course.

If I’d have to give advice to any final year students, I would say enjoy your time as a student. The free time is something you will always cherish in the future. And don’t get too stressed about jobs or exams, things will come in time.

Well that was my update, I hope you enjoyed it. Make sure to comment your thoughts below or tell me any advice that you would give.

Until next time,

Charlotte xoxo

20 thoughts on “A reflection of life after graduation

  1. Man did I yearn to work full time during my last year of uni and how much do I regret not enjoying those precious times of freedom that I had. To be fair, I worked during uni so things didn’t change too differently when I left uni and started working full time. But as I mentioned before, just the ability to move my schedule around and have the chance to do that is something I truly miss.

    Love the post xx

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  2. Ezza says:

    Love reading your blog. It is truly inspirational to see that you are so motivated in your new role. Wish you every success and thank you for sharing such insightful and positive material. Keep blogging! Ezza x

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