KIKO Pearly Regal Purple (110) Super Colour Eyeliner Review

Hey all,

I hope you’re well. With the end of the year coming up, I always like to experiment a bit more with my makeup to find that perfect Christmassy look. So after seeing a colleague at work wearing blue eyeliner, I got inspired to try out alternative eyeliner colors compared to my usual black one. As I wasn’t sure if a different colour would suit me I chose to buy a more budget eyeliner so I wouldn’t regret it in case all went wrong. So here I will spill all about KIKO Pearly Regal Purple (110) Super Colour Eyeliner in my short review below. Enjoy!

What I like:

·        Not too out there so can still wear to many occasions e.g. going out and at the office

·        Glittery hue adds a little extraordinary element to everyday makeup

·        Easy application thanks to its liquid format and thin applicator

·        Lasts long due to being waterproof

What I don’t like:

·        Hard to remove- it actually hurt my eyes to rub so hard to get it off

·        Difficult to differentiate from black unless you wear a light eye shadow with it

Overall rating: 3/5

Personally, I wouldn’t but it again as I don’t feel that it gave me that extra spark that I was looking for with coloured eyeliner as it really looked like black eyeliner at some points. However, for the price I’m not disappointed (only £7). I would consider maybe trying the other colours for an extra pang but I didn’t like the difficulty of removing it so I don’t think Kiko’s products are for me.

24 thoughts on “KIKO Pearly Regal Purple (110) Super Colour Eyeliner Review

  1. Hey Charlotte! I enjoyed this!

    I too always stick to my usual black eyeliner, but trying out a new colour is definitely a good idea, especially for fancier occasions. I like how this one is dark enough that it doesn’t look too drastic of a difference! Maybe a stepping stone to blue eyeliner? 🙂

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  2. Lilly Even says:

    Hi Charlotte,

    Thanks for reaching out on my blog. May I ask what do u use for removing your eye makeup? I used Kiko Super Colour eyeliners and managed to get them off with Clinique makeup melt just fine. Maybe don’t rub, just let the product sit on your lids and dissolve the product. Just a tip, I absolutely love these eyeliners, because everything else has a weak staying power for me.

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    • Hey , thanks for stopping by. I currently use Nivea wipes but I am very interested in trying the Clinique make up melt. Thanks for the advice and support . Glad you liked the eyeliner and maybe I will like it more with a softer make up remover like you suggested 🙂 xx


  3. halcyonranger says:

    I like your review! Very concise and honest. I agree it is a little tough to see the purple in the eyeliner but quite nice in cases of wearing makeup in a more formal setting. I’m more intrigued about what mascara/lashes you’re using – they look amazing!

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