Finding the right career for you

Hi all,

I hope you’re having a great week. For myself, it has been so hectic with work and I am really trying to find that work-life balance by focusing on relaxation.

This next post was inspired by the following bloggers: Kxtieblog  and Trying to survive university.Their blog posts about career difficulties and uncertainty really inspired me as I felt that I could really relate having just graduating myself and made the difficult ‘choice’. Honestly, only two years back, during my year abroad in Paris, when I had a teaching position and internship lined up, I remember feeling sick to the stomach not knowing what I really wanted to do. Thus, in this blog post I will share with you my top tips for choosing a career path as I believe that no one should suffer due to uncertainty.

Assess Yourself

Before you can choose the right career, you must assess yourself.  You must know what your values are, what you’re interested in, your personality and skills. Look at these to start with to see if you can find any jobs that need these qualities. For instance, you can use career tests to see what kind of jobs would fit your personality.

Alternatively, you can go to the career services at your university or school- not sure how helpful the job centre is as friends have told me that they try to force you to do any job that you can do rather than something you would want to do.

Also, focus on your work/volunteer experiences to get an idea of the type of work that you’d like to do. Some questions to think about: Do you like working in a small/big team/ alone? Do you like interacting with the public/ strangers/ familiar people? Is money more important than enjoying the job you do? These can help you to choose & rule out certain career options.

  1. Explore some Occupations options

You need to have an idea of potential options and the only way to find out about this is to research. When I was about 16, I used the National Careers service website, which was really informative but as I write this post I am sorry to say that this website doesn’t look as good as it used to. You can still use it but I would recommend looking elsewhere. Once you have a list of some potential jobs that you would like to do, check what qualifications you need and whether you feel that you are a good match for the job.

  1. Get work experience/ education

Once you have shortlisted a few careers that you would potentially like to do, make some moves to going towards that career. That can be education but if you’re already a student then you won’t want to reroute your whole education path. Instead, you can do internships/ jobs. I know it’s hard to get paid internships but you will need to test out job options to know what you truly want to do. I personally did two paid internships through networking and also applying to one at my university so I would recommend doing the same.

Well those were my tips, I hope they helped. Please remember that choosing a career path is not easy and you are always able to change. In fact you’re first job probably isn’t going to be your ideal job but that’s ok because finding the right job for you takes time and unfortunately we all have to start somewhere even if that is at the bottom of the chain.

However, there is absolutely no shame doing any job whatsoever because it shows you have perseverance, you are going places and that you’re not afraid of challenges. Also, doing a job just to please your parents is a big no no- you’ve got to do that job NOT them.

Please do comment below if you have any other tips or if you have any questions. I will be more than happy to reply.

Until next time,

Charlotte xoxo

20 thoughts on “Finding the right career for you

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