First work wardrobe essentials

If you’re getting ready to start a summer internship, or are preparing for your first corporate job, you’re probably stressing out not only about the world of work but also the “workwear.” After years of wearing comfy jeans and t-shirts, during my undergrad days, I quickly realised that this would not do in the office and quickly scrambled to buy an entire wardrobe of work-wear clothes. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who struggled with finding an ‘acceptable’ work wear wardrobe when they started working so I thought I’d share a few tips to help others out. Here goes:

  1. Establish the dress code

This can be hard if you’ve just been to one interview, dressed in some smart clothes and were way too nervous to notice the dress code at all. Fear not- you can always send a quick email to check or if worst comes to worst just wear something that can be either casual or formal. On my first day of the current job I’m in, I just wore a long dress and hoped for the best.

Graduate scheme employees are usually better with this as they will inform you of the dress code prior to the first interview. Of course, the exact parameters will vary at each company, but generally “business-casual” offices are not so formal that everyone has to wear a suit, but you’re still expected to wear smart, tailored separates.

2. Create a budget

After graduating or if you’re still studying, you’re probably on a tight budget so you’re not going to be able to go to all the fancy shops that you really want to. However, this doesn’t have to be seen in purely negative terms. Indeed, by going to cheaper shops you will be able to buy more for less, although not at a great quality so you will need to renew your wardrobe quite often. Have a look at the lower budget end shops such as H&M, TK Maxx and try to gage the average price of the items you need and then shop on from that basis.

  1. Pick some ‘basics’

It can seem hard to create a whole new wardrobe but by picking out few essential basics, you can make your wardrobe shopping experience much easier. A pair of black trousers, a few dresses, blouses etc. can be your starting point. It probably turns out you have a few of these ‘staples’ in your wardrobe any way.
Well those are my tips, I hope they helped.  Comment below what other tips you have any whether you found any of these useful.

Until next time,

Charlotte xoxo


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