Let’s get real. I can honestly say Porto Santo was not at the top of my list of places to visit in Portugal let alone in the world… But after looking for affordable summer holiday destinations where I could stay in a five-star hotel, my eyes had been officially opened. None of my friends had ever been there but I had read reviews that the beach was great and my budget could not stretch anymore, so I went with it.

Although a very small island (which is pretty handy when it comes to sightseeing), I was surprised by its beauty and the fact that I did not feel bored at all during the two weeks that I stayed at the resort.

GETTING AROUNDLike I said before, Porto is pretty small, so you can pretty much reach everywhere by foot. There are buses and taxis, as well as electric twinge cars to rent, but frankly I think you may as well just walk everywhere as it’s such a small island. It’s cost efficient and good exercise, so it’s a win win!

Saying that, my boyfriend and I decided to hire a quad bike for 24 hours to discover the island and we definitely did not regret it. We literally visited the entire island and were able to go to beautiful secret places in the mountains where there was literally no one around.


The sightseeing in Porto Santo mainly consists of being at the beach. Indeed, it stretches along the whole coast and is extremely soft and pollution free.  Alternatively, if you go out for a walk you can walk to the golf course or up to the volcanoes. Also, if you fancy renting out a quad bike or car you can travel around the whole island visiting the highlights such as the windmill, The Pico do Castelo, which offers a view on the valleys and the small islands near the shore of Porto Santo.

If you managed to read through this whole post, congrats! It was a long one. But hopefully I have opened your eyes to the magical place that is Porto Santo if, like me, you hadn’t heard much about the island.

That’s all for now,

Charlotte xoxo


  1. thank you for visiting mysite, this one is not long compare to mine and in terms of visiting places, I am not fond of top list of places to visit, because the beauty of the place still coming from eye of the beholder. People have different preferences and different way of seeing things.

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    • eyeallureblog says:

      Ah yes of course. Personally I was amazed by the beauty of Porto Santo and would love to hear where are your top places to visit xox


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