Review: The Pudding Stop, St Albans

Hey all,

I hope you’re keeping well! This weekend I visited quite a few restaurants and I thought I would give you a review of my favourite one called the Pudding Stop.


It’s a fabulous dessert place in St. Albans (in Hertfordshire near North London) that serves deserts only. They also have an alcohol licence so it’s a great place to go for desert and a drink after a great meal at a restaurant or even at home.

Here’s a pictures of what my family and I bought:

As you can see, the packaging is truly amazing so if you’re having a take away you will definitely bring back some beautiful goodness with you.

Now I shall give you a review of the products:

I would rate the chocolate brownie (on the left): 4/5 – the perfect brownie; delicious, rich and creamy but it tasted a bit too much dark chocolatey for me.

I would rate the lemon and polenta cake (on the right): 3/5 – delicious soft lemon cake but it crumbled in a weird soft way that made it slightly less enjoyable.

I would rate the salted caramel brownie (in the front): 4/5 – a great combination of flavours with a moist texture but too rich for some.

I also have to rate the atmosphere 4.5/ 5 as the staff are super friendly and there was a movie night when I went there, which shows key engagement with the community.

The Pudding Stop is open daily from 9am (10am on a Sunday) until the late hour of 10pm (11pm on Friday and Saturday depending on how busy it is and how much is left), so you can pop in for pudding day or night or whenever it takes your fancy.

All views are mine and I was not compensated for this review.


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