The Body Shop Drops of Youth Review: Youth Concentrate review

Hey guys,

Hope you’re all doing well. I’ve been away in York for a week with my boyfriend so I haven’t had the time to blog a lot. However, I have just been interviewed by Abigail Rose and you can check the interview out by clicking here:Interview.

Today I would like to share my review of the product drops of youth by body shop. This product targets the first signs of ageing and delivers hydration to skin.

Yes I know this product is initially for anti-aging and I am young but the sales assistant assured me that due to the stem cell technology it had hydrating powers. Since I have dry skin I thought I’d give it a try. I’ve been trying this product for about a week now so I am ready to review.

Product review: 3/5



The sample product comes in a cute little see-through green bottle with a pipette inside. It is not the most beautiful bottle but it does the job.

You must use a pipette to suck the serum out of the body and then apply drops to your face. I would say the serum is very easy to apply over your face due to the thick liquid texture.

Body shop recommends that you apply about 3 drops on your face; however I found it necessary to put on at least 5 to cover my entire face.

There is no real smell to the product so it feels like any other gel.
How does it wear?

Body shop told me that it would take 10 minutes for the product to be absorbed by my skin but I found that the serum dried fairly quickly on my skin.

It isn’t as hydrating as it should be and actually peels a bit on your face, especially if you are wearing foundation on top.

Other than that it is nice and cool on your face due to its nice gel-like texture.

Would I repurchase?

After wearing it for a week I have not found my skin to be overly hydrated nor did I find my skin becoming tighter to combat wrinkles. Therefore, I would not repurchase due to the product not doing what it is meant to.

Lots of love,

Charlotte xoxo

drops of youth


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