Step by Step Golden Bronze Prom Eyeshadow Tutorial

Dear readers,

Today I will be sharing with you a prom night look that was inspired by my experiments with my urban decay eye palette.

For me, gold is the colour of luxury so when I created a golden make up look using the colour ‘half baked’ I couldn’t resist thinking that this would be perfect for a prom night or a special occasion.

Hope you enjoy the look and don’t hesitate to share your own make up tutorials.

Products used:

Urban decay naked 1 palette

NARS eyeshadow primer

Lancôme hypnose mascara

L’oreal eyeliner


Apply primer to your eyelids and then apply the colour ‘buck’ to your crease


Apply colour ‘half baked’ onto your eyelid under the colour ‘buck’

step 3

Apply ‘smog’ above the colour buck

step 4

Then blend.



Add eyeliner and add mascara:



Final look:



So there you have it. Until next time…

Charlotte xoxo


3 thoughts on “Step by Step Golden Bronze Prom Eyeshadow Tutorial

      • Living Whenever Inspiration Strikes says:

        Thank you so much for checking out the remedies! And I don’t have any requests but I love your eyeshadow tutorials. (: So just keep posting what you like to post!

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