Temporary hair dying the easy way- and Body shop review


Are you looking for a temporary hair dye that washes off easily?  Look no further than to hair chalks!

I know that this may initially sound slightly weird since hair and chalks are words that are not usually seen together, but you must trust me on this one.

However, I must note a few tips before you begin colouring your hair:


  1. DO NOT use any old chalk.  You must purchase HAIR chalk. You can purchase these on amazon and if you add not sure of the one colour that you prefer I would recommend that you buy a multi coloured pack.
  2. It’s gunna get messy, thus either use gloves to keep your hands clean and definitely don’t wear your favourite top as it will get ruined (you can put a towel around your shoulders).  Don’t worry too much though as the hair chalks wash out pretty easily


Review of body shop hair chalks

Product rating: 3/5

I love hair chalks and when I saw the body shop were selling some I got super excited. I picked a pink hair chalk and was eager to see how it worked. Currently body shop only provides two colours which are pink and blue and cost £5 each. As I am blonde I choose the pink colour as it shows up better on light hair. If you have darker hair I would recommend that you use the blue one.

My first impressions of the product were positive as I found it pretty easy to use as you only need to glide the product onto hair streaks. The colour also stayed for about 2 days and it was easily washed out with shampoo so if you’re not happy with what you see then there are no permanent mistakes.

However, the negative side to this product is that you only get to choose one colour for your hair and I definitely think that having a good choice of colours is essential when experimenting to be able to see which colour suits you the best. Also, the chalk was finished after about two uses which sucks when you pay 5 pounds for the product!

Here’s a picture of me using the hair chalks:

flower power

Have you tried hair chalks or any other alternative ways of colouring your hair? Let me know as I would love to hear from you!


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